Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OFCCP Director Pat Shiu Delivers Keynote Speech at 2011 NILG

Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

Following a spectacular musical opening to the 2011 National ILG, Director Patricia Shiu delivered her annual keynote address covering recent accomplishments, current events and future plans.

Ms. Shiu reminded the audience that the White House directive to eliminate the gender pay gap is still very much in effect. Also, that the OFCCP is still pushing hard to update many areas of the regulations including Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, The Compensation Guidelines, Section 4212 (Vets regs), the Compliance Manual, The Itemized Listing (desk audit letter), and the Construction regulations.

Women are making 81 cents for every dollar that men make and Ms. Shiu stated that the difference can account for hundreds of thousands of dollars across a person's career. The OFCCP expects to roll out a new compensation collection tool in the next few months.

One key quote that stood out regarding the value of compliance efforts was how organizations can benefit from effort put into AAPs/Diversity. "Employers who embrace diversity see a better bottom line."

Additional footnotes:
  • The Federal Contract Compliance Manual is very close to completion

  • New compensation analysis guidelines are coming

  • The key to audits is quality not quantity

  • The DOL, DOJ and EEOC are sharing information and referring cases

  • President Obama wants a unified Civil Rights Agenda

  • Compliance is no longer defined by Good Faith Efforts alone, accountability must exist

  • Clarity is an important part of enforcement and many regulations must be updated
In her closing remarks, she said, "We need a new ethic of responsibility. We need a new ethic of opportunity."

More notes from the National ILG conference in New Orleans to come.

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