Friday, April 13, 2012

AAP and Comp Data Security

Are you certain your AAP and Comp data are safe?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your data after you send it to a consultant? Most consultants simply save your information on their laptop or flash-drive, some will place your data behind a company firewall, and others will even secure your data in a building that is monitored by a security guard. Is your data really as safe as it should be?

While you may not be able to affirmatively answer these questions about the security of your data, you should know that Biddle Consulting Group is proactively addressing data security. Biddle stops at nothing to ensure client data are secure. From industry leading 128bit encrypted data transfer technology, to annual independent third-party security evaluations, and cloud computing in today's safest server farms, Biddle makes every attempt possible to lock-down client data. Biddle has also been evaluated and approved to store data by two of the most security conscious industries - Banking and Healthcare Insurance.

Do you want to know more about the security of your data in our data centers?  Take a look at the following information about our secure data facility:
"...monitor the physical security of our Enterprise Data Center, around the clock, with a full staff of professional security personnel at our on-site Security Control Center. The facility's physical surveillance includes pan-tilt-and-zoom digital recording cameras, 360-degree perimeter and roof observation, event-driven intrusion detection systems, and locked-down floor tiles with an under-floor intrusion detection system. access controls ensure that only authorized customers have access to the facility. Pin-code access keypads, proximity card readers, and biometric iris scanners monitor every access point. Weight sensitive portals control multi-person entries. And the system monitors and logs the entry and exit of each visitor to our facility and/or customer cages." 
Still thinking your data are safe? Or are you one of the many Biddle clients reading this blog and pleased that we take data security so seriously?  Whether you are a client or prospective client who wants to know more about how Biddle keeps your data secure, feel free to call (800) 999-0438. Ask for an AAP representative; we are happy to help!


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