Thursday, April 19, 2012

Congratulations to Our SWARM Conference Drawing Winners!

Here’s a reason to attend a conference in which Biddle is a vendor. At the recent SWARM conference in San Antonio, Biddle Consulting Group gave away 1-full year of BCGi Platinum membership privileges (a $299 value each) to 10 lucky recipients.

BCGi - Online Training and Resources for the HR EEO Community
This membership provides the winners with unlimited access to live webinars (most are eligible for HRCI credit!), all previously recorded webinars, Platinum member only training, EEO Insight Archive and all the tools found on the BCGi website. Among the dozens of attendees who stopped by our booth and dropped a business card into our “Everything is Bigger in Texas” mug, a special congratulations goes to the following winners:
  • Martha Burrage – Honeywell
  • Liz Sauls - SACU 
  • Mike Dougherty – Colorado School of Mines 
  • Nilda Barela – University of New Mexico 
  • Audrey Magnuson – University of Texas, San Antonio 
  • Jackie Kostreba - Dell 
  • Kristi Williamson – McKesson 
  • Shari Conaway – Southwest Airlines 
  • Beth Cook – American Eurocopter 
  • Liese Teneyuca-Arias - SACU 
  • LyKinda Warner – Pamlab


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